Why was squid crying in holes?

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Why was squid crying in holes?

What did zero do after he had finished digging his hole?…Why was Sam killed in holes?

Q. What chapter does zero hit Mr Pendanski with the shovel?

Chapter 35
Chapter 35 Zero still has his shovel that he used to hit Mr. Pendanski.

Q. Who got hit with a shovel in holes?

What did zero do after he had finished digging his hole?…Why was Sam killed in holes?

Cause of DeathShot in the head by Trout Walker.
LocationGreen Lake (When Killed) Heaven (Now)

Zigzag strikes Stanley in the head with his shovel accusing Stanley of adding dirt where Zigzag has to dig. Stanley’s large gash is bleeding. Mr. Sir tapes a piece of his sunflower seed sack over it and tells Stanley to keep digging.

Q. What happens to Mr Pendanski in holes?

What happens to Mr. Pendanski after getting arrested is unknown. He is in prison because he is a slave owner at Camp Green Lake, endangering the campers, impersonating a doctor, destroying Zero’s files and possibly some other unknown charges along with Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillo) and The Warden (Louise Walker).

Q. What did zero do when Mr Pendanski handed him the shovel?

How did Zero react when Mr. Pendanski handed Zero the shovel and told him it was all he would ever be good for? Wielding the shovel like a baseball bat, Zero struck him forcefully across the side of his face.

Q. Who hit Stanley with a shovel?

Mr. Pendanski
Chapter 17 The Warden then tells Mr. Pendanski that he is giving the boys too much water. As they continue to dig Zigzag knocks Stanley in the head with a shovel, cutting a gash near his ear.

Q. Is Mr Pendanski good?

Pendanski is by far the kindest; he gives Stanley extra water when he realizes Mr. Sir is depriving Stanley and even offers to give Stanley a ride back to camp after his first day digging. Despite these positive qualities, Mr. Pendanski also thinks very little of Zero and is constantly cruel to him.

Q. Why is Pendanski mean to zero?

Perhaps Pendanski has it in for Zero because he’s an easy target. Unlike the other boys, he isn’t physically strong or aggressive in any way. Bullies like Pendanksi can sense such vulnerability from a mile away like a shark can smell blood.

Chapter 19: The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time–Again! At night, Stanley hears Squid crying. When he asks Squid if he is okay, Squid denies that he is crying and says that he has allergies.

Q. What did the warden do to armpit?

The boys continue to dig in the spot that the Warden believes contained the gold tube. After a week and a half she grows impatient and when Armpit returns from the bathroom one day she jabs at him with a pitchfork, knocking him into a hole and leaving spots of blood on his shirt.

Q. Is Mr Pendanski good or bad?

In conclusion, Mr. Pendanski is a sick, twisted man with no empathy and no soul and no business being a camp counselor. He is a second-place villain only because our first-place villain is a literal murderer.

Q. What is Pendanski physical appearance?

Mr. Pendanski is the Tent D counselor. He’s relatively young and wears a buzz cut, but he also has a thick curly beard. The Tent D boys refer to him as “Mom,” which he allows.

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