Which is the beautiful city in Afghanistan?

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Which is the beautiful city in Afghanistan?

Kabul Tower

Q. Which is the famous monument of Afghanistan?

The Blue Mosque

Q. What is the tallest building in Afghanistan?

Kabul Tower


  • Most visited places in Afghanistan. 1.1 Band-e Amir National Park.
  • Kabul. 2.1 Abdul Rahman Mosque. 2.2 Id Gah Mosque. 2.3 Presidential Palace of Afghanistan. 2.4 Chihil Sutun. 2.5 Bagh-e Babur. 2.6 Bagh-e Bala. 2.7 Darulaman. 2.8 Habibullah Zazai Park. 2.9 Kabul Zoo.
  • Other places.
  • Security and cultural issues.

Q. What is the architecture of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan contains striking architectural remnants of all ages, including Greek and Buddhist stupas (shrines or reliquaries) and monasteries, arches, monuments, intricate Islamic minarets (the tall, slender towers on mosques), temples and forts.

Q. What do houses look like in Afghanistan?

A majority of the afghan population live in very traditional mud houses. The mud houses, as its name describes them, are made of mud. The roofs are flat and are built using wooden poles, and then coated with a mixture of mud and straws.

Q. What is a wonderful piece of Afghan architecture?

The minaret The 65-metre Ghorid minaret at Jam – one of two surviving monuments in Afghanistan from this period – and the two minarets at Ghazni are often cited as the most exceptional examples of this Islamic architectural tradition.

What is the Islamic architecture known as the most beautiful and costly tomb in the world?

the Taj Mahal

Which is the most developed city in Afghanistan?


Kabul کابل
No. of districts22
No. of Gozars630

Q. What is the poorest city in Afghanistan?



Q. Are there rich areas in Afghanistan?

Wazir Akbar Khan (وزیر اکبر خان) is a neighbourhood in northern Kabul, Afghanistan, forming part of District 10. It is one of the wealthiest parts in Kabul. Many foreign embassies are located there, including the American and Canadian.

Q. Who is the richest person in Afghanistan 2020?

Haider Murtaza

Q. How does Afghanistan make money?

The main source of income in the country is agriculture, and during its good years, Afghanistan produces enough food and food products to provide for the people, as well as to create a surplus for export. The major food crops produced are: corn, rice, barley, wheat, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Q. Who was the famous Wazir of Akbar?

Wazir Akbar Khan

Wazir Akbar Khan وزير اکبر خان
ReignMay 1842 – 1845
PredecessorShuja Shah Durrani
SuccessorSher Ali Khan

Q. Who was the first Wazir of Akbar?

Bairam Khan

Who was the Wazir?

Wazir Khan (died 1710, real name Mirza Askari) was Governor of Sirhind, administering a territory of the Mughal Empire between the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers….Wazir Khan (Sirhind)

Wazir Khan
SuccessorBaj Singh (Khalsa Army, May 1710)
Born1635 Mukatsar, Punjab, Mughal Empire
DiedMay 12, 1710 Chappar Chiri
IssueTulghan Khan

What did the term Vakil mean during Mughal period?

The Vakil of Mughal Empire (Urdu: وکیلِ سلطنت مغلیہ‎), officially the Vakil-i-Mutlaq (Urdu: وکیلِ مطلق‎, literally: “Representative of Emperor”), was an exalted office in Mughal administration, first in ministerial hierarchy and only next to Mughal Emperor. Vekil is Arabic word which means lawyer.

Q. Which rank signified the actual number of horseman maintained by him?

The rank and salary of a mansabdar were fixed according to a numerical value called zat. So the higher the zat of a mansabdar is, the higher is his position in the court. Mansabdars received specific numbers of sawars or cavalry men who were registered by the government, branded horses, and salaries for the sawars.

Q. Who was Sadr US sudur?

Sadr-us-Sadr: Judicial Administration: Mughal efficiently carried out judicial administration with the help of Qazi-ul-Quad. He was chief justice of the state and decided the religious and criminal cases. Local Quazi were appointed by him. At,provincial level,Sadir,Kotwal,Muqaddam,and Chowkidar heard the cases.

Q. Why did Aurangzeb appoint Mansabdars?

The king himself appointed the mansabdars. He could enhance the mansab, lower it or remove it. The lowest mansabdar commanded 10 soldiers and the highest 10,000 soldiers. Only the princes of the royal family and most important Rajput rulers were given a mansab of 10,000.

Q. What is JAT and Sawar?

Jaat means that the rank, place and salary of the person has been fixed. But the rank Sawar denoted the number of horses. According to their ranks the mansabdars were classified into three categories. Only that person can be appointed as a mansabdar whose Jaat and Sawar ranks were at par.

Q. What was the highest rank of mansab?

Mansabdar – Ranking/Hierarchy of Administrative Officers

Highest Ranked Mansab10,000
Lowest Ranked Mansab10

Q. Are Mansabdars and Jagirdars same?

Those Mansabdars, who were paid in cash, were called Naqdi. Those Mansabdars who were paid through land (Jagirs) were called Jagirdars.

Q. Who were Mansabdars What were their responsibilities Class 7?

The mansabdars were assigned to military responsibilities. For this, they maintained a specified number of sawar or cavalrymen. The mansabdar brought his cavalrymen for review, got them registered, their horses branded and then received money to pay them as salary.

What does Sawar mean?

Sawar meaning in English is Equestrian and Sawar or Equestrian synonym is Horseman. Similar words of Equestrian includes as Equestrian and Equestrianism, where Sawar translation in Urdu is سوار. Equestrian.

What was Mansabdari System Class 7?

Mansabdari was a system of ranking the government officials which determined their civil and military duties, along with their remunerations. Under this system, nobles were granted the rights to hold a jagir, or revenue assignment (not land itself), for services rendered by them.

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