What was the original Legend of Zelda?

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What was the original Legend of Zelda?


Q. Is there an official Zelda timeline?

The Zelda Timeline refers to the fictional chronology of The Legend of Zelda series. In 2007, producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed the existence of two parallel timelines branching from Ocarina of Time, now officially named the Child Timeline and Adult Timeline.

Q. What is the Zelda timeline?


Ocarina of Time
Decline TimelineChild TimelineAdult Timeline
A Link to the PastMajora’s MaskThe Wind Waker
Link’s AwakeningTwilight PrincessPhantom Hourglass
Oracle of Seasons Oracle of AgesFour Swords AdventuresSpirit Tracks

How many timelines are there in Zelda?

Q. What is canonically the first Zelda game?

Skyward Sword
The first game in the chronology is Skyward Sword, where Demise returns and is defeated by Zelda and Link. Demise curses them, however, beginning the cycle of battles that will continue forever. Zelda and Link will be reincarnated through time as themselves, whilst Demise will return as both Ganon and Ganondorf.

Q. Is Link a reincarnation?

Each link embodies the Hero’s Spirit which is unmalleable by all accounts so it remains pure and all that stuff. Link doesn’t have real reincarnation cuz he doesn’t know about his past selves except as legends or myths or similar.

Q. Where does BotW fit in the timeline?

Breath of the Wild takes place at the end of The Legend of Zelda timeline, but Nintendo’s refusal to explain which timeline it’s in is a lazy move. The timeline for The Legend of Zelda is infamous for being convoluted and difficult to understand, and Breath of the Wild’s placement only perpetuates this issue.

Is breath of the wild all of Hyrule?

Breath of the Wild is the nineteenth installment of The Legend of Zelda franchise and is set at the end of the Zelda timeline. The player controls Link, who awakens from a hundred-year slumber to defeat Calamity Ganon and restore the kingdom of Hyrule….

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Q. How old is Twilight Link?

Link (Twilight Princess)

SeriesThe Legend of Zelda
BirthdayDecember 3, 2004

Q. What is the timeline for Zelda games?

The Zelda Timeline is an ordering of the Zelda games as their events occur within the fictional universe. This official chronology was revealed in detail in The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia , published in December of 2011. Before that, it had been kept a deeply held secret, even to most of the developers.

The first Legend of Zelda game appeared on the Famicom Disk System in 1986. It was later converted into a cartridge game for the American NES. The Legend of Zelda, the first game of the series, was first released in Japan on February 21, 1986, on the Famicom Disk System.

Q. What is the chronological order of The Legend of Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda. The Adventure of Link. There is much speculation as the chronological order of the Zelda games in terms of storyline, so although Ocarina of Time is the fifth game in the series, it is not known when the events that occur in it take place.

Who is the princess in Zelda?

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule , best known simply as Princess Zelda is the name for several female members of Hyrule’s Royal Family who play an integral role in the history of Hyrule.

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