What is there to do in Wise VA?

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What is there to do in Wise VA?

Q. What is the zip code for Saint Paul Virginia?

Q. What County is saint paul va?

Wise County, Virginia
Paul in Wise County, Virginia | Visit Wise County Virginia.

Q. What is the zip code for Saint Paul Virginia?

Q. What is the elevation of Saint Paul Virginia?

Saint Paul/Elevation

Q. What county is wise Virginia?

Wise County

Q. What mountains are in Wise VA?

The county is part of the Appalachians and has many mountainous features, including the peak of High Knob and Powell Valley.

Q. What elevation is wise VA?


Q. What towns are in Wise County VA?

Big Stone GapCoeburnPoundAppalachia
Wise County/Cities

Q. How many states can you see from High Knob?

five different states
From the top of the tower, at 4,233 feet in elevation, you can see five different states on a clear day—Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.


  • Birthplace of Country Music Museum and Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion (Bristol)
  • Barter Theatre (Abingdon)
  • Trail of the Lonesome Pine Outdoor Drama (Big Stone Gap)
  • Pro-Art (Wise)
  • The John Fox Jr.
  • June Tolliver House & Folk Art Center (Big Stone Gap)
  • Appalachia Cultural Arts Center (Appalachia)

Q. How did wise Va get its name?

It was originally incorporated as the town of Gladeville in 1874. The town’s name was changed to Wise in 1924. Wise is named after Henry A. Wise, the last Virginia governor before the American Civil War and the first governor to hail from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Q. Where can you see 4 states at once in Virginia?

Tri-State Peak Is One Of The Best Hiking Summits for Viewing Multiple States In Virginia. Cumberland Gap National Historic Park is a landmark rooted in pioneer history.

Q. What is the elevation of High Knob Virginia?

High Knob/Elevation
Atop this summit, standing at 4228 feet, a clear sky can produce views of the surrounding mountain ridges in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

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