What is the difference between 6011 and 6013 welding rod?

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What is the difference between 6011 and 6013 welding rod?

Q. How do I choose a welding rod?

Q. What does 6013 welding rod mean?

DESCRIPTION: 6013 is a high titanic coated electrode. This electrode was primarily designed to provide good wetting and shallow penetration for thin sheet metal applications (using smaller diameter electrodes), but with sufficient penetration for welding medium gauge steel.

Q. How do I choose a welding rod?

  1. Base metal properties.
  2. Tensile strength.
  3. Welding current.
  4. Base metal thickness, shape and joint fit-up.
  5. Welding position.
  6. Specification and service conditions.
  7. Environmental job conditions.

Q. What is the specification of electrodes?

An electrode consists of a metal core wire with an insulating covering (flux-coated). In metal arc welding the electrodes used are metal and carbon in a cut-piece (stick electrode) rod of definite length and diameter while Automatic and Semi-automatic welding electrodes use bare wire in coils.

Q. What does 7018 welding rod mean?

The 7018 Welding Rod The “E” in E7018 electrode indicates a tool used for an arc-welding process. The 70 means it makes welds that are very strong (70,000 psi). The 18 means two things: The “1” means the electrode can be used in any position, and the “18” means low hydrogen and usually DC current.

Q. What is 6012 welding rod used for?

E 6012 Welding Electrode E 6012 electrode is a general-purpose electrode that performs welding in all positions with medium deposition rate and medium penetration. The electrode provides a more forceful arc than E 6013 electrode. E6012 electrode is used for sheet metal welding and other low current applications.

Q. What is welding rod?

Definition of welding rod : a rod or heavy wire that melts and thus supplies metal in fusion welding.

Q. What are the different sizes of welding rod?


1/16″20 – 40UP TO 3/16″
3/32″40 – 125UP TO 1/4″
1/875 – 185OVER 1/8″
5/32″105 – 250OVER 1/4″

Q. What does 6011 welding rod mean?

The “60” in 6011 lets you know that the final weld will have a strength of sixty thousand pounds. The third digit tells the positions the rod can be used in. “1” is for all position rods. You can weld horizontal or vertical with 6011.

The 6013 electrode is best used for light to medium penetration on a thin metal, or sheet metal. The 6011 electrode offers more penetration than the 6013 so you can weld a slightly thicker material.

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