What are the names of the Scottish clans?

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What are the names of the Scottish clans?

The most popular boys’ names in Scotland in 2020:

Q. What is a good Scottish name for a boy?

Along with Malcolm and Knox, other Scottish boy names in the US Top 1000 include Callum, Douglas, Duncan, and Lachlan. Baby boy names popular in Scotland include Oliver — also a popular name in the US — Jack, James, and Logan.

Q. What are common Scottish male names?

The most popular boys’ names in Scotland in 2020:

  • Jack.
  • Noah.
  • James.
  • Leo.
  • Oliver.
  • Harris.
  • Rory.
  • Alexander.

Irish Names For Boys

  • Aiden AYE-dehn – Irish Celtic for ‘little fire’.
  • Aodh EE-AY – Old Irish, meaning ‘flame’.
  • Cairbre KAHR-bra – Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘one who rides in a chariot’.
  • Cian KEE-an – An Irish Celtic name meaning ‘ancient’.
  • Colm KAWL-m – Meaning ‘a dove’.

Q. What is the most popular boy’s name in Scotland?

Jack remains the most popular boy’s name, holding on to the top spot for the 13th consecutive year. Noah is now the second most popular boy’s name, having jumped from seventh place last year, while James remains in third.

Q. What Scottish name means warrior?


  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic.
  • Meaning: Warrior.
  • Famous Namesakes: Duncan Hines, U.S. entrepreneur known for his confections.
  • Peak Popularity: Duncan saw a small peak in popularity in the 1990s. In 2020, 216 boys were given the name.

Scottish Baby Names. For boys, popular Scottish names include Graham, Kyle, Logan, Lennox, Maxwell, and Evan. Blair, Cameron, Finlay, and Rory are well-liked Scottish names that works for either gender. Other stylish Scottish names include Esme, Elsie, Fiona, Flora, Ione, and Una for girls; Duncan and Malcolm for boys.

Q. What is the typical Scottish family names?

List Of Popular Scottish Surnames Or Last Names Abercrombie. This Scottish surname refers to Abercrombie, a place in Fife, a region in Scotland. Aitken. A popular Scottish surname, Aitken has a patronymic origin, and is derived from the name Adam. Alexander. A Scottish surname that is equally popular in Britain, Dutch, and Germany. Allan/Allen. Anderson. Archie. Arthur. Auchter. Barclay. Bell.

Q. What are some Gaelic names?

Other Gaelic names for male pets include Feradach, who was an ancient king in Ireland; Sullivan, which means “black eyes”; Sweeny, which means “little hero”; Galen , which means “calm”; and Guaire, which means “proud” or “noble.”. Quashi’miuoo is a female Gaelic name that means “vibrant sparkle,”…

Clan Cameron is a West Highland Scottish clan, with one main branch Lochiel, and numerous cadet branches such as Erracht, Clunes, Glen Nevis, and Fassifern. The Clan Cameron lands are in Lochaber and within their lands is the mountain Ben Nevis which is the highest mountain in the British Isles.

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