Is Tecno a good college?

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Is Tecno a good college?

Q. Which is better techno or IEM?

Q. Which is better Haldia or techno?

Infrastructure wise Haldia Institute of Technology is better than Techno India. HIT boasts of a 37-acre campus. They have separate hostels for students of different years of study. The hostel rent too is cheaper when compared to Techno India and provides all the facilities needed for a student.

Q. Which is better techno or IEM?

Q. Is Techno India Salt Lake better than heritage?

Heritage has better placement records (in terms of average placement)but techno India saltlake has quality placement records with companies like Microsoft, Google, Intel, Amazon and many more.

Q. Is Techno India Salt Lake under Makaut?

Techno India saltlake often spell as TISLis the college under makaut (now WBUT). It runs under State Technical University of West Bengal.

Q. Is techno main autonomous?

Tech? Techno India University (TIU) and Techno India Salt Lake (TISL) are both under the Techno India Group (TIG) campus in Kolkata. TIU is an autonomous university whereas TISL is affiliated to the Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology.

Q. Is UEM better than techno India?

Techno India University (TIU) provides everything but for a very high price. If fees are not your primary concern you can opt for TIU. Being a new institute, UEM also provides quality education with fees lower than TIU….Which is better between Techno India University and UEM Kolkata?

Highest PackageRs. 6 LPARs. 40 LPA
Average PackageRs. 3.5 LPARs. 4.2 LPA

Q. Is IEM better than techno India?

IEM has the best placement and faculty as well as lab facility. IEM provides help to students, whenever they need it. So, IEM will be a better choice for you. IEM is the best private college in West Bengal.

Q. Is Techno India Salt Lake UGC approved?

Accredited by UGC and approved by AICTE, Techno India University, West Bengal is a fully fledged university with numerous study programmes in science, humanities, commerce, engineering, architecture, management, law and health sciences.

It is one of the best leading private colleges in West Bengal. Placements: Techno Main Salt Lake is one of the best leading private colleges in West Bengal. Almost 90% of students and above got placed. The library is great, and students of all years can get books.

Q. Is techno main and Techno India same?

Both are under Techno India group. TIU has opened in 2012, while Techno India is around 15 years old.

Q. Is Techno India UGC approved?

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