How much is Sara from Dragons Den worth?

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How much is Sara from Dragons Den worth?

Seven of the biggest success stories of Dragons’ Den

Q. What products came from Dragons Den?

Dragons’ Den: 5 of most successful businesses from the show

  • Reggae Reggae Sauce can now be found in all major supermarkets.
  • The founders of Craft Gin Club appeared on the show in 2016.
  • Magic Whiteboard is now a classroom and office staple.
  • Wonderbly has sold over two million books worldwide.

Q. What’s the most successful Dragons Den product?

Seven of the biggest success stories of Dragons’ Den

  • Levi Roots.
  • Magic Whiteboard.
  • Skinny Tan.
  • Wonderbly.
  • Razzamataz Theatre Schools.
  • Chocbox.
  • Mainstage Festivals.

In 2015, The Sunday Times listed Suleyman as 637th in its Rich List, estimating his fortune to be in excess of £200 million….

Touker Suleyman
OccupationEntrepreneur Television personality

Q. How much is Touker Suleyman worth 2019?

Serial entrepreneur and retail moghul Touker Suleyman has a net worth of £150 million.

Q. Who is the richest in Dragon Den?

Peter Jones

  • Peter is the biggest and wealthiest of all the Dragons (
  • Levi Roots with Peter Jones and bottles of his Reggae Reggae Sauce (
  • Tej has invested a lot of money during his short time in the Den (
  • Touker has 40 years’ retail and manufacturing experience (
  • Touker brings some fun to the Den (

Q. What brands does Touker Suleyman own?

Owner of fashion brands Hawes & Curtis, Ghost and Low Profile Holdings.

The youngest dragon on the show, Sara Davies made her fortune with global crafting supplies company Crafter’s Companion, which she grew from kitchen-table startup to million-pound business over the course of ten years. As a result, her net worth is estimated to be a whopping £37million.

Q. How much is Tej Lalvani worth?

According to the Sunday Times Rich List in May 2019, he has a net worth of £390 million….

Tej Lalvani
Known forDragons’ Den (2017–2021)
TitleCEO, Vitabiotics
Spouse(s)Tara Ruby (m. 2011)
Parent(s)Kartar Lalvani (father)
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