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Q. What does volpara C mean?

Q. What does Volpara do?

Volpara® Scorecard™ software calculates breast density automatically. This provides radiologists with precise, objective information that helps them provide personalized breast screening and understand the effectiveness of each patient’s mammogram.

Q. What does volpara C mean?

Q. What is a volpara score?

A high breast density (Volpara) score can make a mammogram harder to read and ABUS allows the technologist to check the breast from a variety of angles offering more accurate interpretations.

Q. How is breast density measured?

Breast density is a proportional measure of the glandular, connective and fatty tissues within a woman’s breasts. It is most commonly determined using mammography, a diagnostic test that uses low dose x-rays. Having dense breasts is not an abnormal condition; in fact, about half of all women over 40 have dense breasts.

What is mammography tracking?

Mammography Tracking is part of eRAD’s complete breast imaging solution, which includes multi-modality reads (tomosynthesis, US, MR, mammo) from the same workstation, advanced image enhancement of dense tissue, custom layouts, auto-positioning tools, CAD support, input macros and more.

Q. What is Volpara breast density?

Volpara Density Grade™ (VDG) TruDensity automatically assesses the volumetric breast density percentage (VBD%) of each mammogram on a continuous scale — typical volumetric breast density range is 2-35%. This differentiates each woman on a continuum of density—whether her density is a “high ‘b’” or a “low ‘c’”.

Q. What is Fibroglandular tissue?

Fibroglandular tissue is a mixture of fibrous connective tissue (the stroma) and the functional (or glandular) epithelial cells that line the ducts of the breast (the parenchyma).

Q. What does 75% breast density mean?

Less than 75% mammographic density indicates that breast composition is less than 75% fibroglandular tissue. Based on evidence, the program recommends that participants with 75% or higher mammographic density (i.e., high breast density) be recalled for their next screening mammogram in 1 year.

Q. Why do I need tomosynthesis?

Tomosynthesis can be used to detect breast cancer before many people ever start to have any symptoms. Tomosynthesis can often discover breast cancer years before a person or their doctor could feel it or see any symptoms.

Q. What is volvolpara enterprise™?

Volpara Enterprise™ is now Volpara Analytics™. Smart dashboards, alerts, and mammography quality reporting to optimize breast cancer screening operations. Once you fill in this form, one of our Account Managers will be in touch to arrange a demo. Prefer to talk?

Who is volvolpara health?

Volpara Health’s origins go back to our founding CEO Ralph Highnam’s breakthrough research in medical physics and artificial intelligence at the University of Oxford. Deeply affected by the loss of friends and family members to breast cancer, Ralph decided to apply his findings to breast imaging.

Q. What is volparaenterprise clinical applications?

VolparaEnterprise Clinical Applications provide quick, automated assessment of every exam, producing a Volpara Scorecard that includes VolparaDensity, VolparaDose, and VolparaPressure. VolparaDensity provides fast, objective assessment of a woman’s breast density from a mammogram from most x-ray vendors.

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