Can Ciri become a Witcher if Nilfgaard wins?

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Can Ciri become a Witcher if Nilfgaard wins?

Veni, vidi, vici is a Latin phrase that literally translates to “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Latin doesn’t require individual pronouns, as each word is conjugated from the “to be” form (“Venire, videre, vincere”) to the first-person singular perfect indicative active form.

Q. What does the Latin phrase Veni Vidi Vici mean?

: I came, I saw, I conquered.

Q. Is Veni Vidi Vici Italian?

Veni, vidi, vici is a Latin phrase that literally translates to “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Latin doesn’t require individual pronouns, as each word is conjugated from the “to be” form (“Venire, videre, vincere”) to the first-person singular perfect indicative active form.

Vidi. Amavi. Posted on October 19, 2015. “Rules for Happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”

Q. Should I go after Ciri?

Ciri will be standing outside a door waiting to speak with members of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Geralt can either insist on going to the meeting with her or tell her she’ll be fine and let her go alone. Players need to allow Ciri to go alone if they want this choice to count towards a positive ending.

Q. Can Ciri become a Witcher?

Ciri becomes a witcher During the Blood on the Battlefield quest, when Ciri won’t be happy, tell her that you understand the burden she carry. Mandatory: Later in the same quest don’t go with Ciri to emperor – instead go to Velen. When you will be asked, go with Cirilla to Skjall grave.

Q. Is Ciri better as a Witcher or empress?

6 AS EMPRESS: She Can Bring Peace And Security She can end wars while still making everyone’s lives better, whether peasant or lord. Plus, she’s no sitting duck on the throne, Ciri’s powers pretty much insulate her from any assassination attempts. As such, Ciri can do more for the world as an Empress than as a Witcher.

Can Ciri be a Witcher if I kill Radovid?

Ciri’s fate is based entirely on the choices you make concerning her, the rest of the game doesn’t affect it. So, if you make the same choices for Ciri, she will still end up a Witcher, and if you kill Radovid and then save Roche, Nilfgaard wins and Emhyr stays on as the emperor.

What happens to Ciri if you kill Radovid?

To get this ending, Ciri must live, you must NOT visit Emhyr if Radovid dies and you side with Vernon. To clear confusion: If Radovid LIVES and Emhyr is visited, Ciri will have this ending. If Radovid dies and YOU DID NOT visit Emhyr and you sided with Vernon Roche, then this ending will happen.

Q. Should you kill Radovid?

Killing Radovid is no brainer. He is a direct threat to Triss, Yen and many other characters you meet in the story.

Ciri will become a Witcher if they win the war. To get Nilfgaard to win the war, you have to promptly betray Dik after you assassinate Radovid.

Q. Does Ciri kill the crones?

Ciri managed to kill two of the Crones, the Brewess and the Whispess.

Q. Can Ciri become empress if Emhyr dies?

If Nilgaard loses the war, Emhyr is overthrown, and Ciri never has a chance to succeed him. Therefore, she never has the choice to become empress. If Geralt never takes Ciri to meet Emhyr, he’s also depriving her of a choice to accept or reject her father.

Q. Is Hjalmar or Cerys better?

The best choice is to side with Cerys. You will gain access to a place of power that will be inaccessible if you help Hjalmar and avoid more fights against berserkers. You will also find out more about who caused the massacre and why. Cerys also becomes the queen, which can be considered the more “canon” outcome.

Q. Who is the best leader for Skellige?


Q. Where is Hjalmar after killing the giant?

You can later meet Hjalmar in Marlin Coast, if you talk to him he will talk about returning to Ard Skellig and ask about his sister, if Possession was not yet completed he will ask Geralt if he intends to go to her, if you answer yes he will be glad, but regardless it’s your choice if you help her or not.

Can I help both Cerys and Hjalmar?

No, you can’t help them both.

What happens if you help Cerys and Hjalmar?

Geralt must make a decision to help Cerys, Hjalmar or neither. Whoever you decide to help will become the next king after the following quest Coronation. If you decide to help neither, Svanrige will become King.

Q. Does Cerys have crush on Geralt?

Cerys definitely had a crush on Geralt.

Q. Do Cerys and Hjalmar die?

Svanrige became king and both Hjalmar and Cerys survived until Act 3, when the Nilfgaardians invaded Skellige. Then, their personal bios said they had both died leading an attack against the NIlfgaardian fleet.

Q. Did Crach an craite sleep with Yennefer?

Definitely NOT Vilgefortz, but yes there was a mage. She slept with Crach while she was being sheltered under him while she was looking for Vilgefortz or something like that.

Q. What happens if Cerys becomes queen?

If Cerys does indeed become queen, Geralt can approach her to ask for assistance in the upcoming battle at Kaer Morhen; while she does not go herself, she sends Hjalmar to help.

Q. Can geralt become king of Skellige?

If Geralt chose to help Cerys, they uncover who was behind the plot to murder the candidates and Cerys is crowned. If Geralt chose not to interfere then Svanrige automatically became the new king.

Q. How does Nilfgaard lose the war?

If Emhyr wins, he starts a political massacre within his own realms. According to CDPR forums, there is civil war in the South. Nilfgaard is actually losing in a war of attrition as narrated by Var Attre. Players need only to maintain a functioning sovereign in Redania by not killing certain person/s of authority.

Q. What happens if you don’t help Cerys or Hjalmar?

– Help Cerys investigate. The thing is to refuse Crach an Craite’s request that you help find his children. If you kept Hjalmar’s two mates alive during ‘The Lord of Undvik’ quest, they will accompany him. If you refuse and help neither, they will die.

Does Jorund have to die?

His death is scripted at the end of Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg if one hasn’t completed King’s Gambit yet. However, if King’s Gambit is completed before the contract, the fight will never happen and thus he lives.

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